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Housing Options

We offer a variety of residential communities for every interest.

Students may choose from a variety of residential options in our seven residence halls on the Garden City campus, including several available room types and special residential communities. Adelphi also attempts to provide special accommodations to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

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Please note that the cost of housing depends on the room type and/or community selected.

Special Residential Communities

Students may request a specific housing assignment based on their interests, academic needs or other aspects of their identity. Students should indicate their choices on the Residence Hall Agreement. Assignments are based on room availability, and some frequently asked questions specific to these communities are included below. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding residential life as a whole.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing refers to rooms where people of any sex or gender identity can live together. This housing option helps create an environment that acknowledges, respects, and appreciates the diversity of our student body. Students may choose to live in Gender Inclusive Housing because they identify as transgender, they do not wish to be identified by any sex or gender identity, or they prefer to live with a roommate of a different sex or gender identity. Like all other on-campus housing options at Adelphi University, students are discouraged from living with their current partner regardless of sexual orientation.

Please note: Gender Inclusive Housing requires that you submit a Gender Inclusive Housing Roommate Preferences (PDF) form and a Gender Inclusive Housing Policy Agreement (PDF) form during the room selection process.

  • Who is eligible for Gender Inclusive Housing?

    • Gender Inclusive Housing is open to students in their second year or above. First-year students may apply for an exception and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Is this only for students who are members of the LGBTQ community?

    • No. This option can benefit any individual since a student has the ability to choose or be assigned a roommate with whom they would feel most comfortable.

  • Where will Gender Inclusive Rooms be located?

    • There are ten gender inclusive rooms located throughout Residence Hall B in order to accommodate 30 students. The rooms in Residence Hall B are premium triples with a private bathroom. For the cost of premium triples visit

  • How can I apply for this housing option?

    • To apply for Gender Inclusive Housing, students must check off the Gender Inclusive Housing box located under the Special Housing Request section on the Residence Hall Agreement and pay the standard $300 housing deposit. The Office of Residential Life and Housing will then reach out to students who are interested.

  • If I apply for Gender Inclusive Housing, am I guaranteed a space?

    • Unfortunately, like other specific housing options, there are a limited number of spaces available. If more students apply for gender inclusive rooms than there is available space, then students who are not able to select a room will be placed on a Gender Inclusive Housing waitlist.

  • How will I be assigned?

    • Once a student has shown interest on the Residence Hall Agreement, they will receive a Gender Inclusive Housing Policy Agreement (PDF) and Gender Inclusive Housing Roommate Preferences (PDF) forms. On these forms, students will select students with whom they wish to room. All roommates must have selected Gender Inclusive Housing on their Residence Hall Agreement and must mutually select each other as roommates. All students will be assigned a lottery number and will choose their room at an in-person Gender Inclusive Housing selection in Residence Hall B.

  • What if I am interested in Gender Inclusive Housing but do not have any roommates?

    • Whenever possible, we prefer that students identify who they want to live with. If a student cannot fill a room, the Office of Residential Life and Housing will work with individuals to find a roommate. Once we know all students who are interested in Gender Inclusive Housing, we will coordinate roommates that will allow for a comfortable living situation for all.

  • Can I live with my current partner?

    • While the Office of Residential Life and Housing will not restrict the students with whom you live, we discourage students who are in an intimate relationship, regardless of sexual orientation, from living together.

  • What are my options if I become uncomfortable with my living situation?

    • The Office of Residential Life and Housing will work with any students who feel uncomfortable in their living situation. All roommate conflicts will be treated equally and options will be provided to ensure that all students are comfortable in their living situation.

Green Living-learning Community

In partnership with the Department of Environmental Studies and Campus Sustainability Committee, the Green Living-Learning Community (LLC)  creates an interdisciplinary living and learning experience for students to explore and engage with topics on green and sustainable living. Established by the Office of Residential Life and Housing in 2009, the Green LLC is located on the 2nd floor of Chapman Hall and is open to residential students of any major.

Current students who are interested in living and learning in the Green LLC can apply for the Green LLC in the spring semester; students will be notified when the application is available and must also satisfy all requirements of the general housing lottery process. New students who are interested in the Green LLC should indicate this preference on their housing application. Please note that placements are made based on availability. 

The Honors College Suites

The Honors College section of Earle Hall is set up with suites that can accommodate approximately 30 Honors College students. Each suite has a semi-private bath and common living area. Honors College classrooms, study lounges, and computer rooms are also located in Earle Hall.

  • What are the Honors College Suites?

    • The honors suites are a small residential area for students in the honors college. Each suite features two triple bedrooms attached to a lounge and a shared bathroom. Students must be accepted into the Honors College program to be eligible to live in these suites. For more information regarding the honors program please contact the Honors College Dean Richard Garner.

  • How can I apply for this housing option?

    • To apply for the Honors College Suites, students must check off the Honors College Suites box located under the Special Housing Request section on the Residence Hall Agreement and pay the standard $300 housing deposit. The Office of Residential Life and Housing will then reach out to students who are interested.

For further information, please contact:

Residential Life and Housing
Earle Hall, Room 100
p – 516.877.3650
e –

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