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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a global epidemic and can be found in homes, stores, movie theaters, office buildings, hotels and residence halls. Adelphi University’s Garden City Campus houses over 1300 students in seven different residence halls and like anywhere else, is not immune from the threat of bed bugs. For this reason Adelphi has trained its staff to quickly identify and respond to bed bugs cases.

The University’s protocol in the residence halls include:

  • Trained residence hall and facilities staff
  • Free laundry service (optional; dry cleaning is not included),
  • Free bed bug treatment by professional exterminator
  • Free use of heating chambers and dryers that will kill bed bugs.

Education is an important part of insuring a bed bug free community. The Office of Residential Life and Housing educates students about bed bugs by providing literature (flyers and pamphlets,) and residence hall programming.

» Bed Bug FAQs

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