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Residential Life and Housing


Heat and AC

The heating system is designed to be on 24-hours a day. When the outside temperature drops below 55°F, the boiler heats water that is circulated through the radiator in each room. The temperature of the water in the heating pipes increases as it gets colder outside.  In the room, air from the floor is warmed by the pipes and is blown back into the room. (Do not block the top or bottom of your heater, preventing the flow of air)  Therefore, if the outside temperature is 56F or warmer, the air blown into your room will be room temperature, not warmer and not colder.  The system should be left on at all times because it is not designed to heat the room quickly or to maintain comfortable temperatures if the windows are open.

Unfortunately, not every room in the residence halls is equipped with air conditioning (AC). Earle Hall has AC on the first and fourth floors. Waldo, Chapman and Linen Halls have AC on their 4th floors only. Eddy and Residence Halls A and B have AC in every room.

Rooms with AC cost a little more than rooms without it. See Housing Costs for details.

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